Taiji should be! 

The act of practising healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes

A Program for Everyone 

No matter your physical level or your Tai Chi ability, Wellness Tai Chi has a program for you.


Standing Meditation Zhan Zhuang uses the power of healing by standing like a tree.


Five Elements 

Qi Gong optimizes energy 'QI' within the body, mind & soul. 


Chan Si Gong

Spiral internal force silk reeling techniques develop a spiralling energy within the lower dan tian.


Let's get down!


Greetings, I am Nigel, and I have been a Tai Chi Teacher for four years. With a deep understanding of Tai Chi's benefits, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others achieve their wellness goals. So, Let us embark on a journey of growth and balance, discovering the power of Tai Chi together.


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6 weeks

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Traditional Chen Family Chan Si Gong Session 

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Jason Garcia

"Delivered with plenty of expertise, knowledge and patience by Master Nigel, who makes every session extremely pleasant and enjoyable ."

Michele Stagnetto

"Nigel is a great communicator and does not doubt learning this ancient form at whatever age."


In Tai Chi, you want to achieve a unity of mind, body & soul so that there's effectively no difference. You are present but simultaneously aware. You are just one unit doing the work, or rather, letting the work be done through you.

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders".

Lao Tzu


Whole-body coordination is what makes Tai Chi different to other kung fu styles. Your four limbs and hundreds of bones are to be moving cooperatively. This is called “whole-body coordination”. Hence, Taiji Chinese Boxing:

“When one part moves, every part moves, and when one part is still, every part is still”.

Chen Ziming


To be aware of how the river is flowing and not waste futile energy pushing it in a direction it doesn’t want to go, you need a degree of self-awareness and the ability to be aware of your situation. And to get that, you need to slow down and stay calm.

“Don’t push the river; listen to it instead”.

Bruce Lee

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"Experience Optimal Wellness with Nigel's

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"Elevate Your Mind, Body, and energy with Nigel's Tai Chi Transformation" Immerse yourself in the power of Taijiquan, where physical movements and energy cultivation unite to bring you optimal wellness. With expert instruction and a commitment to your progress, expect accurate results as you unlock the limitless potential of Taijiquan. Say goodbye to stress and hello to improved health as Taijiquan soothes your overactive nervous system. Join us now on this journey of transformation.

Form & Technique

Unleash Your Inner Potential through Tai Chi Forms & Techniques.

Step By Step 

Effortlessly Master Tai Chi with Our Step-by-Step Guided Programs, Easy to Follow & Mindful Practice.


Our programs offer tailored guidance and exercises designed to meet your fitness goals and limitations.

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Anne Stagnetto

"Intense but worth every minute, with impeccable step-by-step guidance."

Gillaine Casciaro

"I've loved Nigel's six weeks program, and it delivered everything promised and more."

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Transform your health and well-being through Tai Chi. Move beyond pain, increase energy, and ignite vitality with inspiring and low-impact movements. Let Nigel guide you to a world of wellness, longevity, and emotional freedom.

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