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Monique Grambow

Monique Grambow

mbs mbs wellbeing monique grambow Jan 07, 2024

My Journey...
Throughout my full-time job as a Music Teacher, working with children of all ages, I felt a calling towards children's mental and emotional wellbeing. This led me to study and apply Mindfulness, Music Therapy, Sound Therapy and other forms of Creative Arts to provide children with a safe tool for self-expression and self-nurture.


Suddenly, my life took a drastic turn when I was diagnosed with a challenging health condition, which led me to experience true suffering, extreme pains, and minimum mobility and made me question my entire existence, which took me through my most profound spiritual awakening. I had developed a large invasive diffuse PVNS tumour in my left knee, which cannot be treated by any means other than continuous surgery. The painful impact I suffered daily led me to develop nerve damage over my entire body, and I was diagnosed with the most severe type of CRPS-II. This made me bed-bound for months, and I became dependent on being pushed into a wheelchair.


From the start of my journey, I made a conscious choice to be happy, not only for myself but for my young children and family, regardless of the ups and downs happening outside me, and this choice became my lifeboat through the roughest storms I have ever faced. I went through endless issues medically, where I reacted very symptomatically to any chemical-based treatment they tried, leading me to develop a Pulmonary embolism, which led me to bleed due to the medication and ended up in a critical condition where I wasn’t expected to live past the first 10 minutes of the first blood transfusion I received. After this long, traumatic experience, I suffered from P.T.S.D., which only combined with all the other symptoms and severe conditions I was already suffering, and medically there was nothing more they could do.


This drove me towards taking full responsibility for my health and wellbeing by expanding my studies to the best known holistic health tools and therapies and deepening my practices for emotional balance and mental wellbeing. Through my experience I learnt how healing occurs through every level; the Mind, Body and Soul, and applying these practices daily proved to me how we have the power to heal! 2 and a half years after being diagnosed, I was able to take more steps, walk more and more, until I was able to release myself from the wheelchair and became more independent. The extensive damage I had on and around my knee due to this invasive tumour and the Radiosynovectomy treatment I received, which Doctors believed to be irreversible, had improved to the point of being almost every day and the ‘indestructible’ tumour I had managed to reduce to nearly nothing naturally! The CRPS symptoms I experienced have improved drastically, and I am still working on repairing the nerve damage to overcome this dreadful condition completely.


My journey has led me to a higher purpose of sharing these tools and therapies with everyone and anyone in need to help them tap into their inner power and find the abundant world inside them to fulfil their journey in life.

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